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We are a technology and solutions provider that enable
our clients to enrich their data with their partners‘ data through real-time data pipelines, enabling data mobility and interoperability across geographical territories. This unlocks the ability to create large-scale global data ecosystems; from tourism to finance, and from health to human development.

for Individuals

Security, ownership and control over your identity and data, including your data as a micro business.

With a Persona Data Server provisioned on demand, applications and websites can use “Persona Data Accounts” (PDAs) within your server to store data. Every app only has access to its own PDA whilst only you can see data across all PDAs. With your own server URL as a Universal ID, you can login and authenticate yourself across multiple apps. Dataswift ensures all access are private, legal, secure, smooth and fully permissioned, giving you peace of mind.

for Individuals

for Enterprises

Measurable impact and returns on your investment in data

Data lakes. Analytics. Machine Learning. AI. We get it. You’ve invested a lot in data. And it’s time to take it to the next level. Create real-time data pipelines between you and your partners' data to enable safe, secure and compliant sharing of data and insights that engender trust, include consumer participation, and is privacy preserving. Our data pipelines enable event-based triggers between you and your partners' data systems, measurable impact on the efficacy of the data and revenues generated whenever your data is used.

for Enterprises

for Developers

Open-source dev tools for compliant auth and data storage.

With robust APIs and an SDK, developers save time building and maintaining while obtaining enhanced security and reducing costly liabilities for their employers. Dataswift's developer portal helps you manage, access and process identity and customer data using PDAs, ethically and effortlessly, right now.
Build the best services and leave legal, governance and compliance to us.

for Developers

How It Works

1. Decentralize your customer data into their Data Accounts with a single sign-on

A simple, secure store for your customers. Or simply use their existing account if they have one already.

Personal Data Accounts (PDAs) come with Universal IDs that can login to all services in your network. Use our APIs to get permission to store and compute. Decentralize only the data you wish to mobilize or store all customer data into the PDA for additional cost savings. You can even build private functions to run on your customer’s PDA to process data at the edge and enrich your data with other available data.

Personal Data Accounts

2. Enable your customers to bring their own information to your partners and vice versa

Incorporate a Data Passport into your app/website to enable data sharing and a Data Terminal to receive data.

Create a bundle of information – “Data Passes” – that will enable your customers to understand what they are sharing. Your Data Passes can be with personally identifiable information or PII (e.g. loan application) or without PII (e.g. verified pre-diabetic). And since your partners have relationships with the same customers, your customers can bring their information to where it is most needed – legally, safely and securely – without any technical or legal integration costs.

Our Products

3. Create an audience for your partners and a market for the decentralized data

Open up your network for other organizations to discover your customers and their data.

With our technology, your customers remain fully private even while your partners can promote services to them, creating a win-win-win for all. Our no-code merchant platform gives you an instant network to sign up partners and earn revenues immediately. You can use the network for a loyalty program, a marketplace, a community support program, a data-sharing network or just for enabling advertisements.

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Dataswift One - our flagship product allows you to issue and manage Persona Data Accounts via a simple API.

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Progressive economic and legal frameworks.

Developed through world-leading economic, governance and legal research, our team is defining and unlocking the benefits of the Data Economy 2.0.

Engineered to work today, and for the future.

We've made the complex simple, possible and implementable. Our solutions make your applications compliant and your data liquid so that you can create value for your business and your customers.

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