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Build responsible and powerful applications fit for the future with self-sovereign data

Dataswyft's technology gives consumers ownership and control over their data for its easy transport to other apps and websites. It's personal data portability built on a rigorous governance framework and scalable technology.

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We operate a fully managed platform for businesses to build on. You can however, run your own microserver; our code is open source on GitHub.

We provide developers with infrastructure (compute, storage, database), APIs and SDKs to easily build apps that are compliant with strict privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. This enables you to securely and legally transact on sensitive customer data.

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What We Offer 

Legal Rights and Data Ownership

Our infrastructure gives users legal rights and ownership of their information. Whether it’s payment transactions or personal health records, comply with regulations by ensuring personal data access and control for your users by default, without any extra coding.

Finance and Healthcare-grade Security and Privacy

Dataswyft One provides triple-key protections and advanced data architecture centered on the individual. This reduces cyber attacks, ensuring privacy for your users against malicious actors – external or internal.

Personal Data Processing

Easily source data from open banking APIs, health providers to superpower your app – access and process data without actually taking it. With Data Accounts you can keep the data separated to run powerful algorithms centrally while offering personal experiences – all the benefits of the center AND the edge.

Keep Updated with Regulation 

Our risk monitoring system will alert you if the data you hold outside of the Data Account is at risk, and what you can do about it. We offer best-in-class data conduct and governance policies – your very own data protection officer.

PHI Data Aggregation

Dataswyft One is a full solution for data aggregation. Easily source data from siloed health systems, clinical trials and insurance information – access and process data without actually storing it.

FDA Submission-Ready for Health

Our personal data management system provides complete traceability of data access for clinical trials, drug efficacy studies, opposite observational studies for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and large pharmaceutical companies.

Compliant to HIPAA, PSD2, Schrems II

By using our simple API calls and user-owned Data Accounts, you are immediately compliant; you can focus on creating a great experience for your users.