Unlocking the Value of Data for Enterprises

Creating value with data is a challenge for all enterprises. It’s time to simplify.

With ecosystem solutions that combine centralized, decentralized and distributed technologies optimized for data mobility and growth, Dataswyft enables enterprises to become leaders in their industries.

Simplify your data architecture with self-sovereign data.


We put in place governance policies and templates to ensure data is handled responsibly and safely.


Our unique Data Passport system standardizes sharing on demand, resolving data mobility issues.


Individuals and Enterprises own their Data Accounts within their servers, eliminating trust deficits.


We take care of security and compliance, to enable data processing and usage across global data regulatory regimes.


Your solution is 80% pre-developed. This makes it easier, faster and less expensive to implement, with plug-and-play components.


Obtain insights from combining datasets fairly, safely and responsibly through centralized and decentralized approaches.

Data mobility is expected to increase productivity and efficiency gains by £27.8 billion

— Ctrl Shift and the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in “Data Mobility: The personal data portability growth opportunity for the UK economy” (2018)