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How Self-Sovereign Data works

Give Customers a Data Account

A Data Account transforms data within into self-sovereign data for scalable portability. Attach it to your app/website to store a synchronized copy of your centralized data (e.g. IDs, forms and records)

Single Sign-on through Universal IDs

Universal server IDs of Data Accounts enable your customers to log in to multiple services, bringing the verified self-sovereign data with them everywhere, across borders- globally - fully compliant with data regulations.

Make your Data Self-Sovereign

But only the data you wish to mobilize. This could be NFTs, Stable coins, IDs, credentials, repeated entry of forms, Or store all customer data in their Data Accounts for enhanced security, privacy and cost savings.


Create a data ecosystem where customers use and transport data  for their own benefit and convenience between ecosystem members, while enabling members to discover and attract customers.

Earn from

Craft business models to compensate ecosystem members when users use their data. Whether the data is a verified behavior, a credit score or a verified credential.

Process Data
at the Edge

Build private AI functions to create new insights at the edge by combining ecosystem members’ data stored on the customer's side, and used immediately; without acquiring one another’s data.

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