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The Dataswyft Data Wallet Soluton

Powering Applications with Superior Data Functionality

Universal ID

Self-Sovereign HAT Microserver with URL provisioned on demand from within an application or website in seconds; enabling single sign on to multiple applications for the same customer.


Enable a data account within the server database for every application and store a self-sovereign twin of customer’s data to unlock demand and productive usage.

Discover & Match

Enable audience segments to be discovered from meta data while preserving full privacy; build valuable audiences and curate different offers to match the audiences within an application.

Verify and Share

Synchronize your data with the self-sovereign twin to enable verification and sharing on demand, presented by customers to any business, anywhere, and across borders.


Build private AI functions to create new insights within the server and across the data of multiple apps; fully private, controlled by customers and shareable on demand.


Enable the streaming of any content, owned by customers,  matched with fans/businesses; fully portable across applications and platforms, conferring market power to customers.

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