Case Study: OneZero-Me - Personal data accounts to handle sensitive data

Case Study: OneZero-Me - Personal data accounts to handle sensitive data

Financial Passport platform OneZero-Me uses Dataswyft to offer personal data accounts to allow consumers to privately pool their essential documents and data.

What does OneZero-Me offer?

The OneZero-Me Financial Passport enables consumers to privately pool their essential documents and personal data.

When they do, OneZero-Me transforms this data securely and privately into tools that make the financial products these users want to access more accessible, using everything from self-sovereign identity to alternative credit and risk scores.

Their Identity Verification solution empowers individuals to verify their identity once and re-share it in one click, whenever needed – across use cases such as banking, social networks, workflow, document verification and more.

OneZero-Me were looking to build a solution for consumers to privately share and get insights based on their data, but not put that data at risk of fraud, use without consent, and ultimately a product that consumers can trust, and use over and over again.

How did Dataswyft help?

The OneZero-Me platform uses Dataswyft Personal Data Accounts.

Using our infrastructure, OneZero-Me is able to issue and manage Personal Data Accounts for their customers, which store the raw consumer data privately but still give insurers (and others) access to derivable insights about it. Customers can additionally learn insights from their consumers' online identity without exposure to the data itself.

OneZero-Me chose to work with Dataswyft because we  offer complete legal ownership of data to the individual. And important to the future growth of their business, that we enable powerful, private functions to run on-PDA to analyse, transform and deliver permissioned data to both the individual and their enterprise clients.

"We were looking to partner with a company to help us develop a solution for consumers, and we found Dataswyft to have the most advanced, solution. The Dataswyft team were very approachable and accommodating, making a genuine effort to ensure that their solution would work for our use-case."

What benefits has it delivered?

At its most simple, Dataswyft enabled OneZero-Me to move quickly and at lower cost by building on an existing platform which offered this functionality immediately, and meant their application was ethical by design, and reduced their time to market, by building upon better foundations.

Using Dataswyft allowed OneZero-me to navigate the complex landscape of data compliance, and stay ahead of changes in the market – for instance, anything stored in a PDA is automatically GDPR compliant and future-proofed against any changes that may come.

With their Financial Passport, consumers can privately pool their essential documents and personal data into a Personal Data Account where their data can be transformed securely and privately into tools to make financial products more accessible – from self-sovereign identity to alternative credit and risk scores.

OneZero-me aim to bring greater financial opportunity and inclusion to people who can't currently access key services, as well as enabling more balanced and refined pricing for all – a societal benefit beyond measure.

What are the next steps they’ll be taking with us?

OneZero-Me have plans to help individuals save money, too. Their platform enables individuals to monetise their data by facilitating sharing with selected partners, and in turn directly allow individuals to generate revenues from their personal data.

"We were impressed by how driven they are by the vision of making ethical data mobility work. We're looking forward greatly to growing and developing our products with PDAs.”

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