Hack From Home

Hack From Home

Dataswyft is pleased to announce it is organising ‘Hack From Home 2: Global Heating’, the second global remote hackathon to be organised by the HAT technology ecosystem. The event takes place as part of our membership of the Eastern New Energy program, an ERDF-funded, University of East London-organised 3 year project designed to explore and assess decarbonisation and green innovation within Eastern England. 


Data analytics are a key enabler of carbon efficient and sustainable processes. Insights gathered through data analysis can be used to drive positive change by organisations and individuals, and can be used to open up new opportunities and markets. 

The hackathon will be used to explore ideas around the use of personal data in decarbonisation use-cases. As a provider of infrastructure for personal data transactions and storage centred on empowered individual users, Dataswyft considers that ethical use of personal data offers great potential in aiding decarbonisation.

This event builds upon the inaugural Hack From Home. Held during the first European lockdowns of April 2020, this Covid-19 themed event attracted 800 participants, partners from across academia, healthcare, and industry, and led to the creation of two contact tracing applications, Sharetrace and Emitto. 

Alongside our global pool of participants and partner institutions, Dataswyft will be using this event to support SMEs within Eastern England in their decarbonisation needs. For more information, please visit this page.

As a Delivery Partner on the Eastern New Energy Project, we look forward to making a positive contribution towards the fight against global heating.

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