Futurati Podcast: Market design, entrepreneurship and innovation

Futurati Podcast: Market design, entrepreneurship and innovation

How do you design a market for kidneys where you can efficiently get someone a kidney in the shortest time possible, without incentivizing people to steal each other's kidneys? 

This intriguing question was one of many discussed during Dataswyft CEO Professor Irene Ng’s recent interview on Episode 59 of the Futurati Podcast.

Irene’s conversation with Futurati Podcast’s Trent Fowler centred around market design and how to successfully create markets with safe and efficient systems of transactions, without repugnant side effects. They also discussed the distinction between designing a market and centrally planning one, and how market design is about structuring the incentives and transactions within the system instead of dictating how it works.

This Futurati podcast episode also discussed data ownership and privacy, particularly Dataswyft’s aim to enable individuals to access and monetize their data at their own discretion through the use of small, easily-operated personal data servers, and digital passports that makes navigating different digital 'nations' easier.  Irene and Trent also spoke about first iterations of new technologies and how to help people engage with them through the use of familiar metaphors. 

Listen to the full podcast now.

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