Case Study: Edari - People-First Thinking for HR Tech

Case Study: Edari - People-First Thinking for HR Tech

Edari One uses our platform to deliver HR data portability and savings for their recruiting clients and candidates.

Who is Edari One?

Edari One is a major end-to-end provider of outsourced HR services across the UAE.

They believe in empowering human capital to unlock the potential of industry – which means having continuing relationships with the candidates they recruit for their clients and being a stakeholder in their development and growth to provide benefit across their chosen industry.

Edari One searched for a way for their candidates to have portability of their data and documents across the different organizations they recruit for. Many of these documents are sensitive (e.g., visa documentation), so they required a platform that allowed them to focus on business logic rather than the underlying personal data infrastructure.

"Not only is it private, secure and within our candidates’ control, but the fact that we only need to query it rather than store the data ourselves – is a bonus"

How did Dataswyft help?

The use of Dataswyft Personal Data Accounts for their candidate portal allows Edari to securely store and share their documents and data. With Datawwift, they can assign permissions for what data and which documents to share with organizations and to have a track record of their own personal development in one place and in their full control.

Candidates submit their CV via an app, and hiring organizations can then view the candidate details via another app. Using their own product server, Edari produces analytics from CV content and push that back out to the PDA, allowing organizations to view a candidate's information.

Edari's product server also enriches other enterprise systems for Edari to share insights and knowledge.

What benefits has it delivered?

Edari One explains how not only is Dataswyft the perfect solution for their projects, but it frees up time to concentrate on what matters - customer service.

"The PDA is ideal for our purposes. We love that not only is it private, secure, and within our candidates' control. The fact that we only need to query it rather than store the data ourselves – while always having access (with candidate permission) – is a bonus. We can focus on making our service better instead of fretting about the personal data infrastructure we had to build."

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