Creating Markets with Mobilised Data

Creating Markets with Mobilised Data

As the boundary between the physical and the digital disappear, data can be mobilised to create markets

In a recent smart city webinar, Dataswyft CEO Irene Ng discusses how markets are created once data is mobilised. She presents several case studies on the markets forming around data in the following sectors:

Finance: where credit score data is being used to create derivatives for different marketplaces

Health: where verified weight-loss data is being combined with other data to develop new data assets

Trade: where electronic bills of lading (eBL) are being used to create new ecosystems to coordinate port activities for the safe and secure transportation of goods

Watch the recorded webinar below, in which Irene also talks about:

  • How data passes can be used for better digital inclusivity
  • The stewardship of data sharing
  • Data as a sovereign wealth; how the way it is transacted and used can become a part of a country’s economy

As a marketplace tech, Dataswyft builds and manages our clients’ decentralised data assets for their marketplaces, both in open and closed markets. We also assess the economic value of data for decentralising, to help organisations maximise their ROI from their datalakes or obtain more data. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with either or both.

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