Achieving Sustainable Tourism

Achieving Sustainable Tourism

How socially conscious data generation can help travellers minimise their environmental impact

The Covid pandemic has been an opportunity for nature to reset itself, but also for individuals to re-evaluate our relationship with the environment around us.  With this renewed consciousness, how can we utilise digitisation and socially conscious data generation to safeguard environmental sustainability even as countries re-open their borders and more of us resume travelling?  

Adventure travel platform Wejugo is looking to turn the data it captures voluntarily through its trip-planning app into valuable insights that can inform better governmental funding and policy decisions, help tour operators enhance their customers’ experiences and also enable travellers to minimise their environmental impact. This is particularly crucial in locations with a rich but sensitive biodiversity such as Australia. 

During their recent Fireside chat with Dataswyft, Wejugo CEO Mike Welling and Head of Sustainability Partnerships Cameron Crowe along with Robert Taylor, CEO of the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) also discussed how data portability can remove barriers of entry for the distribution of data and their insights. This enables huge data assets to be utilised in different use cases,  from helping travellers plan safe and sustainable trips to protecting the intellectual property of aboriginal communities. 

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Mike will also be presenting at the 5th Symposium on the Digital Person on March 1.

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