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Our unique infrastructure allows individuals to take ownership of their own safe, secure storage space for personal data.

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Full Solution for Health Tech

Dataswyft One provides triple-key protections, advanced data architecture centered around the individual, reducing the surface of cyberattacks, and ensuring privacy for your users against malicious actors - external or internal.

HIPAA exemption out of the box

Achieve HIPAA requirements with simple API calls and user-owned Personal Data Accounts. Our platform will make your organization exempt by shifting the ownership of Protected Health Information (PHI) to your users.

Healthcare-grade security and privacy

Our platform provides triple-key protections, compartmentalized single tenanted storage and reduced surface of cyberattacks.

Legal rights and PHI ownership

This infrastructure allows users to hold total control of the legal rights and ownership of their PHI. Comply with data regulations by giving data ownership back to the users.

PHI data aggregation

Dataswyft One is a full solution for data aggregation. Easily source data from siloed health systems, clinical trials and insurance information. Access and process data without actually storing it.

FDA submission ready

Our personal data management system provides complete traceability of data access for clinical trials, drug efficacy studies, opposite observational studies for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and large pharmaceutical companies.

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Best in class data conduct and governance policy for continued user engagement.

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