Personal Data Accounts

Personal Data Accounts are a new technology that enable individuals to collect, store, process and use their own personal data in the cloud.

Rather than requesting sensitive information that would otherwise sit on the servers of companies the individual is interacting with, Personal Data Accounts give data back to the user legally, while providing functionality to share data safely and securely.

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One personal data account per person, unique and made to keep, like a phone number. With private storage and processing capabilities, it's powerful and extensible.


Use your personal data account to login to a growing array of apps and websites. It's simple and fast, just like those other social logins, except you choose which data are shared, for what, and for how long.


With each new PDA-ready app, the amount of personal data grows – always in your control. You can even install personal apps and extensions to gain further insights into your data.


An essential part of a developer’s tool kit to build ethical, useful, and data-rich applications fit for the future.

Personal Data Accounts are typically issued to individuals within apps and websites when they register, replacing the need for centralized user accounts. Individuals can also give websites and applications permissions to read and write data into their own specific folders in the PDA. Interested in learning more about the API?

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Benefits of Ownership

Personal Data Accounts provide full ownership and legal rights of its contents to individuals, enabling them to contract and license their data in real time and on-demand.

Individuals can decide what personal data they want to hold, and are able to deal directly with apps and websites. They no longer need to trust third parties to handle their personal information fairly, safely and responsibly.

Personal Data Accounts are ideal for organizations to store data that belong to their users. They can give control back to their own customers, while enabling their customers to reuse and re-share across other apps. PDAs are scalable for the largest apps and built with robust security.

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On the edge.

Personal Data Accounts also enable individuals to install pre-trained tools (supplied by organizations or data scientists) to generate “edge” analytics and private AI insights. The resulting data is returned back into the PDA, where websites and apps can ask their users to share them.

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